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Welcome to the Cool Kids Club

We're here to: 

stay on trend

Kick Ass on Social Media

Design Our own Personal Branding

Grow YOUR brand

Learn Marketing Hacks and Trends

Your Place for Staying on Top of Your Personal Brand

How Do you Put Yourself Out there?


June 15th: 11am PST

Personal Branding 101: Intro to the Cool Kids Club

 Click on the Image to Watch Live on Facebook <3 

Click on the Image to Watch Live on Facebook <3 

Do you have questions on Personal Branding? We're here to answer them live!

At 12pm PST (3pm EST) we will be answering all of your questions live on Facebook! (Click the video above to submit questions)

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1. Welcome to the Cool Kids Club

2. Meet the Hosts

3. On Personal Branding

4. Why It's Important to Stay On Trend

5. Your Personal Branding / What Step Are You At?

6. Week Assignment / Workshop with Member

6. Answering Questions on Personal Branding

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