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The Cool Kids Club provides you with exclusive access to where you can empower yourself and/or your brand with exclusive tips, insight, and advice directly from our founders and industry experts. Within our community you will get a weekly dose of insider knowledge to help you find success.

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Don't get lost in the shuffle, marketing and social media has updates every week, stay on trend with J+J.

Join us every Thursday at 11:30 am PST to discover new trends, social media tips, personal branding guides, and marketing ideas.

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For only a $20 a month fee you get exclusive weekly access to:  

  • Weekly one hour video class sessions that cover a wide range of topics with entrepreneurs all around the world. Hosted by J+J Founders, CJ Johnson & Ambar Januel
  • Career Opportunities - Event & Job Postings 
  • Extra Publicity - Special Priority to be featured on the J+J Trendy Spot Blog.
  • Event Invitations - Exclusive Invitations to our live events, parties, workshops, etc.
  • E-Mail Newsletters - Weekly rundowns of trending topics you need to know.

In addition you'll receive: exclusive tools to help you save time and money for your personal brand including: downloadable PDF's, tutorials, documents to help you create and improve your social strategy, and creative outlines, and more. 

Exclusive creative network and workshops to empower you and your brand.