Music Star Manika On Touring With One Direction, Her New App, And Hosting Her Radio Show


Meet Manika

Manika is the perfect example of the multi-talented millennial and emerging next-gen talent. She's been on a recent tear, touring with boy band, One Direction, a brand new app, her own radio show, TV hosting, and more! It's no wonder heads are turning in her direction.

Discover her journey in our exclusive interview below and follow her on Twitter & Instagram.

The Interview

AJ: What's your name & current location?

M: Manika in Las Vegas, NV.

AJ: Las Vegas! And what do you do for a living?

Singer, songwriter, author,  and TV/Radio Host!

AJ: We love that you do a lot of different things within the entertainment sector! Mind telling us a little more about each of them?

M: Thank you! I guess I would say I am a creative. Music and creativity have always been my passions. I'm a singer, songwriter performer.  

Got my music start when I was discovered by Frank DiLeo and then opened for One Direction on their North American tour.  

I am an author and wrote my first book at age 15.

TV host, I hosted Global Beauty Masters on TLC and am working on some upcoming projects.

And finally, radio host with my show "Manika's Love Line" on Dash Radio three times a week :)

Right now my new Manika APP has everything in one place... for FREE! Plus my One Direction tour diary and exclusive music. All in the Manika APP and it ties everything together. In the APP store for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Google Play for Androids ;) 

AJ: You have some beautiful music videos, do you have a favorite project you've worked on recently?

M: Wow, I guess my last music video "How Can I Love" since I was able to incorporate my fans in the music video! Plus I think this music video's content has been most impactful.  The way my fans reveal their insecurities and struggles, that also I myself have faced, lets viewers know that they are not alone in whatever darkness they may encounter in their lives. I am so grateful to my amazing fans who partook in the music video and who were so brave to share their secrets with the world.


AJ:  I love that! What an awesome experience to give your fans. Your song "I Might Go.." features Tyga, are there any other artists you've loved working with? What was your experience like with him?

M: Tyga is one of my favorite rappers of all time! I was so thrilled when I found out that he wanted to collaborate with me too!  I feel so grateful that not only did he lay down an amazing verse, but he also did a great job in the music video with me! He really put his all into our collab :) There are so many other artists I love and respect and would LOVE to collaborate with! Beyoncé, Aerosmith, Miley Cyrus, Eminem to name a few. 


AJ: Aside from music, you also host your own radio show "Manika's Love Line" on Dash Radio, what's the best part and worst part about hosting a radio show? 

M: The best part of hosting my radio show "Manika's Love Line" is the LOVE parts! Not only do fans get to ask myself and the guest star for love advice....but we get an inside look into the celeb guests star's private, personal love life.  The only time there is a worse part is the rare occasion when there is a scheduling confusion and a guest has to be rescheduled.  I just always feel so bad when that happens!

AJ: Totally! You're from Vegas but you make it out to LA a lot, where do you tend to kick it? 

M: I was born and raised in Las Vegas ;) I live part time in LA! A cool place I've been to recently in LA is the Soho House! Love it,  great food and views. I also am definitely a beach girl and LOVE the beach... although it's a little chilly on the Cali beaches!

AJ: What's your creative process like when working on music - are you an organized artist, or a messy with a purpose artist?

M: When it comes to my music sessions and files I am SUPER organized... you have to be or irreplaceable creative files get lost. But I am definitely NOT so organized when it comes to personal things... I'm the type of artists who will leave my house a mess after getting ready for a night out. But then a random night at 3am wake up and am like OCD and have to organize and clean everything! I guess there's both sides to me LOL.

AJ: You've done a great job of getting yourself out there and growing your following, do you have any other tips for creatives looking to grow their awareness?

M: Thank you! And yes definitely post as much as you can! Use tags strategically as often as you can. And interact with your fans as much as possible! I DM hundreds of my fans just on my Twitter daily.  I am also super interactive with my fans in the Manika APP! I hold a bunch of contests in there too which keeps people interested :)

AJ: When you're constantly on the hustle and need to be energized, what do you do?

M: Make sure I eat! When I am so busy and forget to eat or don't have time to eat I totally crash...  So I try to avoid this at all costs. I always bring snacks with me cuz I  never know when that one hour meeting might turn into six. 


AJ: What is the most important part of the work you do? What do you want your message to your followers to be? What are your long term goals?

M: The most important part is when I bring value or light to someone's life! I hope people can see that behind the glitz and the glamour I'm just a girl...I've gone through the same insecurities and struggles they have.  I hope they know they are not alone and can reach out to me and listen to my music when they need to be cheered up. I would love to be able to share my creativity with the world forever :). 

AJ: Beautiful! And lastly, anything we can be looking forward to from you? New music, awesome guests?

I am working on some new TV hosting projects and music. And always new episodes and awesome celeb guests on my radio show Manika's Love Line. (Be on the lookout for my Ambar & CJ episode ;) ) Also be sure to download my Manika APP available for free worldwide on iPhones and Androids! It has exclusive music, videos, pics, my One Direction tour diary: secrets of the road, contest and much more. I really wanted to give back to my fans and created the FREE Manika APP as a thank you. And as the best place to get exclusive content and where I can stay in touch with everyone :)  


Thank you to Manika for meeting up with us. 



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