Exclusive Interview with Artist Yoshino


Meet Yoshino

Yoshino is known for being bold, being innovative, and creating beautiful works of art that are absolutely intriguing  and constantly progressive. With clients like Altantic Records, Elle, and Dazed and Confused, he's been able to utilize is creative mindset for a unique array of companies and brands. We chatted with him about his process, ideas, and inspiration. Make sure to follow him on Instagram


The Interview

J+J: Name & Location?

Y: Yoshino, Los Angeles

J+J: As a creative there are many different terms, do you go by "photographer"? 

Y: I guess I just go by artist since I've branched out into various forms of art! I use 3D scanning, video, photo, and podcasting all as mediums to create artwork. 


J+J: Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Y: Lately I've been shooting a lot in the studio!

J+J: Your work is very unique, especially for someone who works primarily with fashion. What first brought you to this industry?

Y: I started shooting almost 10 years ago. I try not to think about creating work with any particular style in mind. Fashion is a medium to tell a story. I try to exist as myself and if the project feels right I'll take it on. Trying to follow my instincts as much as possible. 


J+J: Where does your main inspiration come from? Are there any specific people that influenced you?

Y: Inspiration can come from many sources. Sometimes I get inspired by the most subtle things.. Watching a film, listening to one of my other artist friends talk, hearing someone speak passionately about something...

I get inspired by visual, audible, and sensory elements. People are multifaceted and complex creatures.

In life there are a multitude of things that can inspire. 

I just try to listen to things a lot better these days.

Specific people of influence... There's too many to name. 




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Photographs: Courtesy of Yoshino Studios