J+J Presents: Rise to the Top


We are honored to introduce you to SPLORE 2.0SPLORE is a photo-sharing app that showcases inspirational works from the best creatives around the globe. In celebration of the 2.0 update, we are presenting #RISETOTHETOP -- a brand-new portrait series featuring selected stories from top artists who are constantly on the hustle. For this entire week, SPLORE will present a brand-new story each day to get inspired by.

Torrey West

Torrey West is an acclaimed photographer, working with diverse brands and models, his ability behind the lens always making him a creative powerhouse. Make sure to follow @TorreyWest on SploreInstagram and his Official Site.

“Trust your heart, it’s usually right.”


Asia David

Asia David is an inspirational standout, and the Creative Director of the popular editorial, Bunch Magazine. Follow Asia on Splore under @asiamdav and on Instagram and Twitter.

“To me, success is defined by being able to live your life as authentically as possible while motivating others to live into their purpose as well.”


Esther Lee

Esther Lee is an innovative stylist with a diverse group of work that showcases her unique interests: fashion, food, weddings, landscape, and photography. Find her on Splore at @eslee, Instagram and her Official Site.

“Follow your inspirations but don’t forget your own flare.”


Madi Mae

Madi Mae is a beautiful model and free spirit looking to make a difference in the world by inspiring others to feel confident about their bodies. Find her on Splore under @RosePetalPalace. Follow her on Instagram and Snapchat.

“I get messages from girls saying that I inspire to them to love themselves and their bodies- that’s my goal.”


Amber Denison & Kerisa Denison

Amber and Kerisa Denison are twin sisters and creatives that display an intriguing mindset and artistic vision. Discover their work on Splore @AmberandKerisa. Follow them onInstagram and their Official Website.

“Trust and listen to yourself, your instinct, and your vision.”



Brand: Splore App

Photographer: CJ Johnson

Creative Director: Ambar Januel

Production Assistant: Elizabeth Goldsmith

Featured Creatives: Torrey West, Esther Lee, Amber and Kerisa Denison, Madi Mae, Asia David