Gilbert Pereda Brings Some Edge To Fashion With His Photography Style


Style, substance, edge. These are three simple words to describe the unique creative style of photographer Gilbert Pereda and co-founder of   Hard Magazine. With his Americana aesthetic and grounded feel, Gilbert has even caught the attention of the opular London based apparel company P&Co. Gilbert's work centers on the rebellious attitude of a new generation of wanderers and thrill-seekers. Because Gilbert is not only a successful photographer but al an entrepreneur, we wanted to get an inside look into his work process and provide some awesome tips for you. From branding tips to his favorite locations to shoot at, get an inside look into the world of the masterful Gil. 


J+J: Name and job title?

GP: Gilbert Pereda, photographer.

J+J: Where are you located? 

GP: Palm Springs, California.

J+J: We focus a lot on brand awareness, are there any tips you can share that have helped you get more exposure for your brand?

GP: My mentality for branding has always been what can I do for others so from day one I wanted to work and grow with a small company/companies and share images in my lifestyle.  

J+J: What's your favorite social media channel right now?

GP: Instagram, snapchat. 

J+J: Where do you see your industry going within the next 10 years?

GP: This industry is very competitive and that's what makes it more exiting.  I love the challenge.  I believe that brands will create more designs and therefore we need to bring photographers to work together so we can all benefit from it.  

J+J: What are you jamming to right now on your playlist?

GP: Drake, haha.

J+J: What inspires you?What is your favorite Instagram account to follow?

GP: Nature inspires me all the time. @folkmagazine.

J+J: Can you share with us any tips you have for success?

GP: Dream BIG!!  It's completely free!!  I remember 3 years ago I was in my apartment watching the new 90210 and I told myself, "one day I'll be in a photoshoot with Shenae Grimes" last year I was able to work with her and her husband Josh Beech and now one of my images was used in her new movie.  I never gave up in my dreams!  Even when it seemed like the world was going 140 miles against me, it didn't stop from achieving one of my dreams. 

J+J: What is your niche or thing you're particularly known for.

GP: I use the word hard a lot hahaha So much that now we have a magazine by that name and a clothing brand.

J+J: What specific qualities draw you to a model you want to work with?

GP: I always look at people's eyes.  If I can see a story behind them I'm sold.  

J+J: What's your favorite place to shoot?

GP: I love working up in Big Bear California.  Fresh air and perfect lighting conditions.

J+J: Are you living the dream?

GP: All day everyday! :)

J+J: Where's your go-to place when you need an adventure?

GP: If it's something for an hour or two I'll go to a lake called Lake Fulmor.  There I can walk around and talk to nature for a minute and just vent.  When I need a killer adventure I go to highway 1 all the way to Big Sur.  I can go off-roading or be closer to the beach. 


Guest Feature: Gilbert Pereda

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Photos: Gilbert Pereda