Bezalel x J+J in Canada


A Week in Canada

J+J founders CJ Johnson and Ambar Januel took off to Banf for the weekend to enjoy the beautiful scenery, adventurous landscape, and time away from the office. As we're constantly traveling and on the go, we bring our Bezalel chargers with us to assure we can continue to document our travels and enjoy our stay without the constant worry for battery life.

A little about our stay...

We spent a beautiful day roaming from Lake Emerald where we had a delicious array of meat ranging from duck, to elk, to typical beef with a cold beer; to the Banf Hotel overlooking the town, and lastly, and most impressively, to Lake Louise. At Lake Louise we embarked on a 3 mile hike up the mountain, on the way up we passed two lakes, a beautiful waterfall that cascaded down the mountain, and horse trails. While seriously an exhausting hike, we ended up at the most amazing little cabin for a hot cup of tea and a snack. We all agreed it was the most satisfying and impressive hike we had ever been on. 

About Bezalel

Bezalel is a one in a kind wireless charger that works for different devices, we use it for our iPhones with their case that creates the wireless charge, we especially love their portable charger since we're always on the go. Visit their site here and use the code JJ20 for 20% of your purchase. Make sure to follow them on Instagram as well.


Product: Bezalel 

Photographer: CJ Johnson

Influencers: CJ Johnson & Ambar Januel