Alysha Nett Talks GirlPower, Playboy, and Living the Creative Dream



Alysha Nett is an all-star creative connoisseur, having unique talent in front of the camera and behind it. Her current focus is on her own beautiful photography work, while still enjoying the social adventure her life brings; from horse back riding, to designing temp tattoos - this one's a chat you don't want to miss. Read the interview below and make sure to follow Alysha on Instagram.




AJ: Mind introducing yourself and telling us your location?

AN: Alysha Nett, San Diego California.

AJ: What do you go by for your title? What kind of work do you do?

AN: Model and photographer, social media specialist.

AJ: Could you tell us a little about how you got started as creative? Did modeling or shooting come first?

AN: Modeling came first. I was young and a muse to an ex-boyfriend of mine, after years of modeling I started gravitating towards photography as a way to create without always needing to be the subject myself.

AJ: What were the steps that led you to enjoying being behind the camera more?

AN: For me it just came with age. I got tired of being in front of the camera all the time, after shooting some of my friends I found that I really enjoyed bringing a concept of my own to life.

AJ: Your work is a bit eclectic and it looks like you always have a strong story to tell - what's your main mission behind your works?

AN: I typically shoot women, so my main goal with those shoots is to make that woman feel good about herself. I just want to create photos that someone will look at and enjoy. Colors, vibe, attitude... It's all part of it. Like ingredients. I always compare taking photos to cooking a meal (which I also enjoy, haha), there's nothing better than cooking a really delicious meal and watching people enjoy it. It's the same with photography to me. I just want them to love it.

AJ: Love it! You've worked on a lot of projects, what's your favorite so far?

AN: I really enjoyed working with my all female team when I shot Tina Louise for Playboy. So much girl power in the room, it was great.

AJ: That sounds awesome, do you have one piece of clothing you simply can't live without?

AN: I have an old flannel from Hurley that I can't give up, it ties so perfectly around my waist and it isn't too big or bulky, haha. Ladies know what I'm talking about! 

AJ: Haha no doubt! So... if you could shoot with one person, who would you choose?

AN: I would die to shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth.

AJ: Nice choice, so what's the main inspiration behind your creative works?

AN: Feminism.

AJ: When you were young, what was your top dream career?

AN: I had several, haha. singer, school teacher, antique store owner, haha. I never quite pictured my life where it is now but I love that.

AJ: So was there a turning point in your work where it all started to make sense and click?

AN: When I remembered that I'm in charge of my own destiny and that I can shoot what I want.. that's when it all made sense. when I remembered that I don't have to shoot what's "trending"  or whatever the hot photography style may be.. I can just shoot my beautiful women and destinations with 35mm and it's ok. Someone will like it.

AJ: That's an important reminder to follow your intuition when it comes to creativity - so what's your favorite guilty pleasure?

AN: Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen Channel. haha

AJ: And if you could do anything, absolutely anything this weekend, what would it be?

AN: I hope to be celebrating my boyfriend's birthday and all of his hard work this year!

*View her work below.