CEO CJ Johnson Joins Media Leaders At Microsoft To Share The Best Influencer Tools And How To Use Them For Campaigns


J+J CEO and Influencer CJ Johnson joined Media Leaders at Microsoft for a Marketing Conference on Influencers. His expertise and experience in the field offers an exclusive inside from both the side of the company and the influencer.

Along with other Influencers and Marketing experts CJ answered pressing and current questions on what the best marketing tools are, how to use them effectively, what influencer marketing is looking like for brands now, and how to make money as an influencer.

CJ was joined on the panel by Brian Nickerson (CEO of MagicLinks), Jesse Leimbruger (CEO of NeoReach), Scott Paul (VP of Product Maker Studios), Thania Peck (Fashion Influencer), and Rosa Crespo (Lifestyle Influencer).

If you are interested in seeing the full rundown with follow up questions visit the post on Media Leaders here.