Top 5 Apps for Entrepreneurs This Week


As entrepreneurs and creatives, we're constantly looking for the new and exciting. Something fresh to save us time, money, and help with productivity. One of the ways I meditate and clear my mind before going to sleep is by going through the app store and checking out new apps (is this healthy? Undecided..). Since it's a habit of mine I thought it would be great to share my finds with you. Are there any other apps you would suggest? Share them in the comments below. 

The App to be on top of your finances 


Albert is perfect for that moment when you realize you're not a *complete* superhero and actually can't keep track of everything at once (especially financially). My favorite part is keeping track of the number of subscriptions you have going and making sure there's no unnecessary payments going out.

The App For The Book Worm


Audiobooks with a monthly subscription. For those of us that speed through audiobooks in a day, this app is perfect to listen to as much (or as little...) as you like, all for one payment per month. 

The App for The Networking Fanatic


While I hope you're over the swipe dating thing by now (no judgement here), this app is an awesome (and similar) way of connecting with entrepreneurs and business professionals close to you. You can see their profession, who they're interested in meeting, how they like to meet, and what they're up to. Super professional and super easy.

The App For free education


While you should ALWAYS be constantly learning, sometimes it's tough to prioritize and squeeze everything in. Py makes it easy by offering FREE lessons straight from your phone.

The App to calm the mind

Mind Journey

So I've tried probably at LEAST 10 different meditating apps - I have mixed feelings about a lot of them and have been using this one for about a week now. I love that there's different series and types. Haven't jumped on the meditating train yet? Do it. The 10 minutes spent will save you so much time in productivity and stress.

Thanks for reading this article, what are your favorite apps? Let me know below!

-Ambar Januel