Top 10 Alternative Facts About Being An Influencer


After a certain number of social reach, one can become an influencer. Be prepared, Here are 10 alternative facts about being an influencer.

Alternative Fact #1

Everyone Wants To Work With You

If you have over 10K influencers….then get ready.. Brands and companies will blow your shit up.  As an influencer, many of us appreciate the perks of working with some of our favorite brands or causes. You will get a ton of emails inviting you to join influencer marketing programs and partner with brands. As an Influencer, you will have a captive audience. Brands, companies, and non profits will reach out to you either to share their product or get their voice heard. Choose wisely.

Alternative Fact #2 

Free Food

Hungry? Restaurants will  provide you with something delicious for a sponsored aerial shot of their cuisine. Just simply show your Instagram to the General Manager and they will offer you anything off their amazing 5 star menu. For real though... there are several Influencers who are killing it at photographing food and restaurants.  

Alternative Fact #3

Free Hotel Stay

Ok so you made it to Tokyo, and you have 80K followers. Well, no need to worry as you can stay anywhere your heart desires. The latter is not always the case….buttttt several big influencers have great opportunities partnering with Tourism Boards from across the globe and sharing their experiences.

Alternative Fact #4

People Will know you by your IG handle

Whether you are walking on the street or having a group hang out, people will call you by the name that you choose for yourself on Instagram.

ie: “Oh wow, you are legitguy1987. Do you know Stantheman23?”

Or the following may happen….


Alternative Fact #5

The "Hey, I Just Met You" Person

So we talked about people referring to you by your Instagram handle… Well, there are people who will meet you in real life and act like they don’t know who you are. It can be a little weird if they act like they are clueless, yet they have consistently liked and commented on your Instagram profile since 2013.


Alternative Fact #6

Your Life is a Reality TV Show

With Insta Story, you can tune your audience into whatever is going on in your life and even broadcast live. Take the opportunity to awkwardly position your front camera towards you and watch as fans populate and comment. You can choose to answer or just watch as they feed you likes and hearts. Your followers will ask about your niece who was born 5 months ago, and even ask about your recent trip to Toronto. They will comment on your favorite songs and your curated playlist. As influencers, you have an incredible platform with a dedicated group of followers and fans who will remember your memorable posts.

Alternative Fact #7

Your Photographer is Anyone

Watch out! Your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, or whoever is close by will become your IG photographer. Your friends will love and hate you, since you're probably helping them grow their following too...


Alternative Fact #8

The Big Feature Etiquette

So you are growing your following, and a page features your photo! Don’t forget to “like” the post and comment. Expect the owner of the feature page to want you to thank them immediately or they will block you forever. Many feature pages appreciate you showing some love and sharing their page…..could be a post or even a slight mention in the Insta Story.

Alternative Fact #9

Influencers are Rich and Famous

People will come up and take photos of you in public and share the pic on their instagram. They will treat you like Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling, and you will be a celebrity. You will be in Milan at fashion week, and then vacationing in Rio.  Companies will pay you millions of dollars to just have you take a photo and share it on your beautifully curated and crafted Instagram gallery. Several influencers are making a living after spending a lot of time and work promoting their profile and collaborating with brands. Often, social media has been a launchpad for influencers to start their own projects or business. Otherwise, influencers are everyday people with jobs like anyone else. It can be easy to compare your life experience to what your fellow IG’ers are up to, but we would rather you create your own experience.  

Alternative Fact #10

"All Your Likes and Followers Are Real"

So, you have 100K followers, and 0 comments?  Your photo got only 3 likes and you have 1.5 million Followers?...hmm. As an influencer, you can choose to take the path of creating amazing content, collaborating with agencies and brands, and growing your audience organically. OR…. you can buy your ghost followers with interesting numerical names like ft4837 and have those ghost followers like the shit out of your photos.  Drops mic*

Thank you for reading our top 10 Alternative Facts about Influencers. Did we miss anything? Send us a tweet. 

Header photo credit: CJ Johnson shot by Gilbert Pereda