Q. What is J+J? What do you guys do EXACTLY?

Simply put, we are a one-stop shop agency and a creative collective. We do everything from strategies to production shoots to PR. Depending on the needs of the brand that hires us and the allocated budget we are essentially the marketing/pr arm for a lot of startups and up and coming brands or the content creators (or overseers) of specialized brand awareness campaigns for larger brands we all recognize and love. What separates us from everyone else is that we work with our respected creative peers to add premium value to everything we do, providing consistent opportunities for rising talent. At the end of the day we like to work with innovators and forward thinkers. We established ourselves as a brand that doesn’t just work with anyone for a pay check (we’re extremely picky), we just like to make cool shit for people who like cool shit. We also enjoy paying it forward to those of you other that need a helping hand. We’re very hands on with everything we do which has helped us gain a great relationship in our respective space.

Q. So, who is Januel Johnson?

Our brand name is J+J or Januel+Johnson, named after the last names of Ambar Januel and CJ Johnson. We named ourselves this because it’s an obvious inside joke that turned into something real which is unsettling as fuck if you stop to think about it.

q. How long have you been around?

2 Years and in that time we have worked with over 30+ brands worldwide, been listed as one of the top 50 digital agencies in Los angeles, spoken on countless panels, countless press features/interviews, traveled around the world for specialized campaigns and presentations, contributed to social causes, provided countless job opportunities for those who need them, and witty joke here.


Boring af. Example. (direct link to battle axe throwing or something exciting we’ve done.)

q. Do you have internships or positions available?

Go here. (direct link to whatever)

q. Do you have success stories? Case Studies?

C’mon now you wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. Go here (link to work), here (link to press), and here (our blog). We just try to make it interesting for you.

q. Where are you located?

Our HQ is in Los Angeles, California. (link to map location and yes it's okay if it's wework)




*All of the creative (photographs, videos, designs, etc.) on this site were created by our in-house J+J team unless stated otherwise.